Site Safety

Speed Ramps

A wide range of speed ramps and speed cushions, suitable for car parks, garages forecourts etc.

Modular ramps are also available to make ramps to custom lengths.


Bolt down rubber kerbs and heavy duty rubber kerbs. Ideal for separating vehicle and pedestrian areas. Also prevent vehicles from striking buildings


Circular and square convex mirrors, give a wide field of view. Ideal for narrow or blind entrances.

Corner Protection

Rubber corner protectors and double D wall protectors. Help prevent brickwork or structures being damaged by vehicles. Ideal for use on Caravan parks, industrial estates, garages and car parks.

Cones & Bollards

A wide range of cones and bollards. Collapsible cones, flexible bollards, steel bollards and bollard covers for a wide range of applications.

Scaffolding Board Filler

Fill gaps in scaffolding boards caused by inner standards. Help avoid trips and objects falling through.

Easy to install - no fixings required.

Cut to length with knife or hand saw.


Purchase online: Payment by cheque, credit card or Pay Pal.

If you prefer ring us or email us and we can help you choose the best product for your requirements.

Worldwide export available.