Festoon Lighting

DJM Trading are one of the largest suppliers of Festoon and Decorative Lights in the UK.

Our products range from heavy duty Woodside Festoon as used for Blackpool illuminations, through to the latest long life energy saving LED Festoon. We also supply LED net lights, coloumn displays, cross street displays, waterfall, snowfall and icicle lights.

Outdoor Festoon

Our product range includes traditional heavy duty outdoor festoon and lamps. Available in standard lengths of 100m with lamp holders spaced at 1m, 0.5m or 0.33m or bespoke lengths and lamp spacing.

Made from heavy duty black rubberised cable and patented BC22 lamp holders this festoon has been designed to cope with the harshest environments.

With appropriate lamps this festoon can be used on 230V down to 24V power supplies.

IP66 Rated.

LED Tree Lighting

These mini LED lights are ideal for wrapping trees plus covering marquees and pagoda's etc.

Available in 24V or 230V varieties, these are supplied in 10m lengths with 100 LED mini lights on them.

The lights are available in white, blue, green and red.

The 24V version also comes in a colour change version that cycles through an array of colours.

IP44: Weatherproof Rated


LED Mini Lighting for Trees, Marwuees, pagoda's and canopies



Twinkle LED Mini Lights

As above but every 5th bulb has a gentle flash to give an overall twinkling effect.

24V Cherry LED Lighting

This festoon made to the same high standards as the Woodside but utilises long life energy saving LED lighting.

Designed to use safe low energy 24V power supply these lights require minimal maintenance.

Come complete with IP68 rated polycarbonate Globes


Cherry LED Festoon Lighting


Available in a range of colours including white and warm white these lights are perfect for long term installations

Manufactured in the UK to BS EN 60598 / IEC 60598.

Also available with MaxiLED lamps and Ultrabright LED Lamps.


Maxi LED Festoon Lighting


12V Colour Change Cherry LED Lightng

Create dramatic high impact lighting on trees, marquees and pagoda's with these low energy LED colour changing LED's.

Random colour changes.

Manufactured in the UK to BS EN 60598 / IEC 60598.

Also available

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