Dock Bumpers

Need to protect your loading bay or yard from damage by wagons and fork lift trucks?

DJM Trading supply a wide range of dock bumpers and loading bay protection solutions.

Our products include dock bumper mounting plates, rubber dock bumpers, front plates and side mounts, as well as D shaped rubber extrusions, corner protectors and pallet racking protectors.

Our Service

We supply high quality products at competitive prices and aim to provide high levels of customer service. To place an order or enquire about a product please email or phone +44(0) 1772 621553. UK customers can purchase via our online shop.



DB1810 Dock Bumper

UHMWPE Dock Bumper

High vis Exta Tough Dock Bumper

Extruded Dock Bumper

Extruded D Shape Dock Bumper

Dock Bumpers

Available in a wide range of sizes and materials, our rubber dock bumpers are hard wearing and provide the maximum protection to your brick work. Our bumpers are easy to fit on to our steel backplates or your existing backplates. Additional protection can be provided by steel front and side plates. Shims in a variety of thicknesses provide extra depth and protection.

  • Bumpers available in a wide range of sies
  • Materials include
    • TPX
    • Natural/SBR Rubber Compound
    • Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethelene
Dock Bumper Slide Mount System

Dock Bumper Slide Mount

UHMWPE Dock Bumper

Dock Bumper Front & Side Plate

Extruded Dock Bumper

Dock bumpers & wheel guides

Dock Bumpers Steelwork

As well as supplying a wide range of rubber dock bumper, we also supply a wide range of steelwork accesories, including:

  • slide mounts which make it easy to adjust the height of the dock bumpers
  • Steel mounting plates make it simple to replace warn out bumpers.
  • Front and side plates and extra protection and increase the life span of your bumpers
  • Wheel guides ensure quick and accurate positioning of vehicles
  • Corner protectors protect bulding corners and brickworks from vehicle impact.
  • Racking protectors protect your pallet rack legs from fork lift impact
  • Landing Leg Plates in steel or rubber prevent your yard from being damaged by trailer landing legs.